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Climbing Chimborazo

Chimborazo National Park
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Climbing Chimborazo Volcano

Rising to touch the sky in a symphony of snow and rock, Chimborazo Volcano stands as an emblem of Ecuador’s natural beauty and geological marvels. As the country’s highest peak, this dormant stratovolcano captures the imagination of adventurers, scientists, and nature enthusiasts alike.

Chimborazo is a colossal stratovolcano located in the Andes mountain range, with its summit soaring to an astonishing elevation of 6,310 meters (20,702 feet) above sea level. Its sheer magnitude and the mystique surrounding its history have earned it a special place in the hearts of those who seek the extraordinary.

**Distinctive Features:**
1. **Elevation Crown Jewel:** The Chimborazo summit holds the title of the highest point in Ecuador and is renowned as the point on Earth’s surface that’s farthest from the planet’s center due to the equatorial bulge.

2. **Glacial Majesty:** A snow-capped spectacle, Chimborazo’s peak is adorned with glaciers that shimmer against the sunlight. These ice formations contribute to the majestic allure of the volcano.

3. **Geological Significance:** As a stratovolcano, Chimborazo’s geological makeup offers insights into the Earth’s inner workings, presenting a unique opportunity for scientists and geology enthusiasts to study its history and formation.

4. **Cultural Connection:** Throughout history, Chimborazo has held cultural significance for the indigenous communities living in its shadow. It’s often seen as a spiritual entity and revered in local myths and traditions.

5. **Challenging Ascent:** While not a technical climb, reaching the summit of Chimborazo requires physical fitness, mental fortitude, and acclimatization to the high-altitude environment. Climbers are rewarded with sweeping panoramic views and a sense of accomplishment that’s hard to match.

**Visiting Chimborazo:**
Adventurers from around the globe flock to Chimborazo National Park, where the volcano is nestled, to undertake the arduous but rewarding journey to its summit. Guided by experienced mountaineers, climbers traverse varied landscapes, including rugged terrain and icy expanses, in pursuit of the breathtaking view from the top.

Climbing Chimborazo Volcano encapsulates the essence of Ecuador’s natural wonders. Its grandeur, history, and the challenges it presents to those who dare to ascend make it an icon that beckons explorers to experience a convergence of beauty, geological intrigue, and personal achievement. To stand atop Chimborazo’s lofty peak is to stand at the intersection of Earth and sky—a testament to nature’s magnificence and human perseverance.

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  • For climbing Chimborazo Volcano two days will be necessary and over all a good physical condition, in Ecuador the mountains aren´t technical but they are tough. Before the trip we would like to be sure about your acclimatization. Please dont hesitate on contacting us our office team will help you with.
  • On the first day we meet in our office where our mountaineering Guide will help you with the instruction and the equipment. (Internal and external layer, harness, Crampons, Boots, Rope, Ice Axe) after this we departure toward Riobamba in around 1hr we start face the giant waiting for us ! in around 2:30 we wil reach the first refuge at 4800mt from where we will do a Hikking the second refuge 5000mt. where we will get a bed and then we have something light to eat.
  • In the afternoon we will have ice school for learning some basic techniques: how to use the ice axes, how to use the crampons, and so on. !
  • in the evening we will get a good dinner before we go resting until midnight. At midnight we wake up and get something warm before we get ready to star our climbing.
  • From this point takes up to 6 hrs to get the summit at 6,263mt- after our climbing the return to the refuge where we rest, have something light and warm and then returning to Banos City
  • Remember on the mountain there are two things that make us not to get the summit. One is the Weather another issue is the Physical Condition, over all. Our guide will always do the best for helping on your wishes but protecting your integrity.


meeting in Ivaga office, pick up under request

Around 10:00am we meet in our office or pick you up, in our office our guide will welcome us and help us to control everything we need before we departure .

Reaching Chimborazo Parking

Being ready we departure towards Chimborazo and in about 2:30hrs we reach the parking place of Chimoborazo Volcano.

Refuge-Ice School

From the parking place we hike up to 4800mt where is the refuege where we will rest, in the afternoon we go to the glaciers for ice school.


Climbing to the Summit

We rest until the midnight where we wake up, have something to eat, put us on our gear and go for the Summit.


We climb for about 6hrs to the top, where we can enjoy the dawn, the whole landscape and being close to the sky, after a while we descend to the refuge and then returning to Banos City


  • Private Transportation
  • Certified Guides
  • Equipment
  • Meals
  • Any ot specified service or expense

Tour's Location

Chimborazo National Park


1. What is the elevation of Chimborazo Volcano?
Chimborazo's summit reaches an impressive elevation of 6,310 meters (20,702 feet) above sea level, making it the highest point in Ecuador and one of the tallest peaks in the Andes.

2. Is climbing Chimborazo a technical climb?
While Chimborazo is not considered a technical climb that requires advanced mountaineering skills, it does demand a good level of physical fitness, endurance, and acclimatization to high altitudes due to its challenging terrain and elevation.

3. Can beginners attempt the climb?
The climb is feasible for both experienced climbers and determined beginners with proper preparation, training, and guidance from skilled mountain guides. Physical fitness and mental readiness are crucial for a successful ascent.

4. What is the best time to climb Chimborazo?
The optimal climbing seasons are generally from December to February and July to August when weather conditions are more stable and the skies are clearer. However, weather can be unpredictable at high altitudes, so it's advisable to plan for variations.

5. How long does the climb take?
The climb's duration depends on various factors, including your chosen route, acclimatization pace, and weather conditions. Generally, the ascent and descent can take around two to three days, including time spent at the base camp for acclimatization.

6. Do I need any special gear?
Proper gear is essential for a safe and successful climb. This includes warm clothing, waterproof layers, insulated gloves, sturdy hiking boots, crampons, an ice axe, a climbing harness, a helmet, and a backpack equipped with essentials such as food, water, and a first aid kit.
7. Is altitude sickness a concern?
Yes, altitude sickness can be a real challenge. Adequate acclimatization is essential to minimize its effects. Climbers often spend time at intermediate altitudes to allow their bodies to adjust gradually before reaching the higher elevations.
8. Are guides required for the climb?
While it's not mandatory, it's highly recommended to have experienced guides accompany you on the climb. They possess valuable knowledge of the terrain, weather patterns, safety protocols, and can provide essential support during the expedition.

9. Can I see the sunrise from the summit?
Yes, reaching the summit of Chimborazo in the early morning allows you to witness a breathtaking sunrise over the Andean landscape—a truly magical and rewarding experience.
10. What is the physical challenge of the climb?
The climb is physically demanding due to the high altitude and changing terrains. Climbers should have a good level of cardiovascular fitness, leg strength, and mental resilience to endure the strenuous ascent and descent.
11. How do I book a climbing expedition?
To embark on a Chimborazo climbing expedition, you can contact Ivagatours and we will arrange everything for your, we work with the best guides from Ecuador.

Climbing Chimborazo Volcano is a remarkable journey that offers not only breathtaking views but also an opportunity for personal growth and accomplishment. Before undertaking the climb, ensure you're well-prepared, physically fit, and aware of the challenges involved in conquering this majestic peak.


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