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Climbing Tungurahua

Tungurahua Volcano
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Climbing Tungurahua Volcano, located in Ecuador, is an adventurous and challenging endeavor that offers stunning views of the surrounding landscapes and the opportunity to witness the raw power of nature. Here’s a description of what you can expect when climbing Tungurahua:

Location: Tungurahua is situated in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador, near the town of Baños. It’s part of the Cordillera Oriental range and is known for its frequent volcanic activity.

Elevation: Tungurahua stands at approximately 5,023 meters (16,479 feet) above sea level. This elevation makes it a challenging climb, and it’s important to acclimatize properly before attempting to reach the summit.

Volcanic Activity: Tungurahua is an active stratovolcano, which means it can be unpredictable. It has experienced periods of increased activity with eruptions that have caused significant damage in the past. Before planning your climb, it’s essential to check the current volcanic activity status and consult local authorities for safety information and restrictions.

Climbing Experience: Climbing Tungurahua is not technical but hard. It requires a good level of physical fitness, mountaineering experience, and proper gear. Hiring a local guide is highly recommended, as they are familiar with the mountain’s conditions and can help ensure your safety.

Route Options: There are several routes to the summit of Tungurahua, with the most common being the southern route. This route typically starts from the town of Baños and includes a trek through lush forests, high-altitude paramo grasslands, and finally, a rocky and steep ascent to the summit.

Scenic Views: As you ascend Tungurahua Volcano, you’ll be treated to breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes. On a clear day, you can see other nearby volcanoes like Cotopaxi and Chimborazo, as well asthe lush valleys and villages below.

Weather Conditions: The weather on Tungurahua can change rapidly due to its high elevation and proximity to the equator. It’s essential to be prepared for varying conditions, including cold temperatures, strong winds, and the possibility of rain or snow, depending on the season.

Safety Precautions: Given its active nature, safety is a top priority when climbing Tungurahua. Always check the latest information regarding volcanic activity, follow the guidance of your guide, and be prepared for potential hazards such as ashfall or rockfalls.

Permits and Regulations: Make sure to obtain any necessary permits and follow local regulations for climbing Tungurahua. Respect the environment, and leave no trace to help preserve this beautiful natural area for future generations.


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  • We meet at 12 pm in our office where our guide will help us with the registration and also with the necessary equipment that we will need for this adventure.
  • When we are ready we head towards Pondoa, in about 40 minutes we arrive at the parking lot at the entrance to the Sangay National Park. In the afternoon we can walk a bit, enjoy the sunset and all the beauty of this area. before resting our stew prepare a delicious dinner Around midnight we wake up, put on our gear, put on something warm and energetic before we tackle the mountain. After our guide will give the last instructions and check that everything is ok.
  • We started our summit, having a good physical condition and good weather, in approximately 5 hours we reached the top, from In this place we will be able to observe the route of the volcanoes, ideal for photography.
  • We spend a while there and then we begin the return to the refuge. While at the shelter we can have a warm drink, walk to the parking lot and return to the city of Baños.
  • Remember: Climbing the Tungurahua Volcano takes two days, it is not technical but it is hard. There are two things that prevent our summit. the weather and physical condition



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  • Lunch-Dinner-Breakfast
  • Any ot specified service or expense

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Tungurahua Volcano


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